Slide Into Thoughts Of Blue
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MUTE NUDE No.3, 1997, Silence Wish


For many photographers, being an artist is their highest pursuit. Somehow, though they’re luckyenough to have the chance to view the artistic secrets for many times, due to their megalomania,they have been shut out. Master locked the treasure of ideas that will be opened due to their profoundproclamation; masterpiece quietly embraces other people due to their high level of disdain.

Today, we have intelligent body of camera, accurate exposure combination and exquisite lenscombination, but how much are all of these related to what the art intend to express and pursue?We put on the armor, arming ourselves to teeth, which amazed stunned passers, but we cannotshoot pictures to shock the world. “Number One” ran away again and again, but she bashfullyvisited those unsocial “humble guys” whose equipment is not modern. It’s these humble guyswho never have a pretentious grounding, but they make “the thinker” first supercilious and thendeferential with their profundity; it is also the humble guys who stubbornly adhere to his finalspiritual home, and “don’t give up lofty ambition” in the materialistic world; it is still these humbleguys who opened their hearts to Arnold Toynbee (the initiator of the concept of postmodernism,British historian) and talked with the E.H. Kampot Ridge (curator of the British Museum)alone at midnight; it is even these humble guys who didn’t use every minute to grab materialsin order to “get lots of pictures and make more money”, while they hide in a place to explorewhat is a culture structure to polish the edge of their thinking machine. It was incredibleand impressive.

When we face the body of the camera, and look at the lens alone, the superiority of us, the manipulators,suddenly disappeared. Only apprehension takes up our whole body and mind: do wereally fall with the scientific complex? To what extent we grant them life? Once upon a time, wegrinded the famous photographers’ works, and painstakingly sought those light marks, or even asmall particle could bring us the shivering joys or the disordered pains. And now, it has accumulatedso much apprehension.

Of course, each serious pursuer who takes an artistic flyover will have such lost palpitation, otherwisehe/she cannot be called an in-depth art minister. “If you allow photography to supplementthe feature of art, due to the ignorance of the public, the natural allies of photographers, photographywill soon fully replace art, or art will thoroughly deprave. Therefore, it must be done tomake photographic art back to the original position of the servant of science and art.” CharlesBaudelaire is extreme enough, and otherwise he would not put on the 19th century French poet’scrown of pure elitism. In the post-modern era of art, artistic boundaries have become blurred.

There is no category confrontation which is extinctive or forever, but Baudelaire sharply and objectivelypointed out the photographer’s existing and supposed position.

Each pursuer of the god of art is holding the compass leading to the channel of success. The keyis to find his/her coordinate in the gap between the “existing and supposed position”. This is nota mystery. As long as we are willing to watch ourselves over the distances, it’s not out of reach.In fact, concentrating into tranquility, everyone is an artist in a field of life, because art’s intentionhas been cast and dissolved in everyone’s body of flesh and blood. It’s often at midnightwhen I heard the voice of a soul-stirring. I know it is the gene itself communicating with the artof angels. If they could be mingled into one, perhaps it would lead my soul to the threshold of artheaven. I regard this as the sanctity of life.

I often seek a solitude moment in the hypocritical, pompous and pretentious world, like escapingfrom a disaster. At that moment, my inner world is the most tranquil, comfortable, free and rich.On the seashore of art I open my mind like a clam, and the “real me” is split out, exposing to thesunshine of my pure thoughts. I observe it, dialogue with it, and hear the paradox of life and theart of soothing, expecting more cultural elements infiltrate.

SURVIVE No. 3, 1998, Silence Wish

Difficult Accumulation

In fact, each of us are accumulating his/her life’s savings as concrete as possible, whether materialor spiritual. It is subconsciously engaged in the life process, consciously or unconsciously. Ido not deny the effect of the group, but I admire more the life of enduring the loneliness. Historyrecognizes only mature personality, and the Art Goddess often favors “moral rebel”. We need tofill more rational thinking into our body of flesh and blood, because the emotional feeling doesnot produce the works of affection tension.

Modern life rejects ancient rhyme, and cannot afford the extension to the most you can see, fullof the fashionable non-life material forcefully involved. The field of rural farming arranges in ageometric graphics and the urban residential areas define our lives, and the uniform horizon andthe flaming cloud below the sky curtain rules our eyes, forcing our dream escaping to the deserted.How we desire to have a heart that can cross reality and escape from the marketplace,and a mind outside time and space and into the tranquility of zero thoughts!

This is the end of being infected accidentally with art at that initial unnamed moment. Art is thesource of infection that has no answer and is not seeking an answer. She is the miserable anonymousperson full of aesthetic subtleties. She is also a glamorous plump girl who is full of temptationand lost, with all kinds of postures, exceedingly fascinating and charming, which bring usinfinite pleasure of the spirit. However, to get such unique enjoyment, first of all it is to accumulateplenty of culture possessions, and to interpret the sacred book of life. Poet Qing Ai said that“Poetry is the conception of the inspiration”. Which work full of vitality is not born through thethroes of our thoughts?

Awed by the breadth of nature and the insignificance of life, and seeking to throw off at a deeperlevel the original digital, physical and chemical ax marks attached by the natural science contained in the body of camera, lens and slides, and then loaded to the largest extent the informationof human society, as a photographer, we have been working hard, but due to the innate cultureaccumulation and the untimely acquired cultivation, although we have searched so muchmaterial, we only got so much failure and sadness.

Nevertheless, we still focus on photography with great passion, ecstatic for every operation ofshutter, and captivated for every rotation of the focus ring. We stay away from the world, ignoringfood and clothing, stealing home property to fill “photo desire”, and passing by the sympatheticabandoned children guiltily. All of these are just for the joy of “betrayal” at the birth of thefavor work. The code behind this behavior can only be classified as “complex”. Our works arelike the children of our own. Either good or bad, we all love and cherish. But children certainlyneed to get the recognition of part of the whole society to live, and our works are also destined tostand the taste of history to be viable.

THE ROOM No. 4, 1999, Silence Wish

A Touch OfSadness

Art may be the reflection and sublation of the people’s thoughts and emotions. Its intention is theintention of human nature. It conveys the information that is something unknown deep in yourheart. It is the encrypted image output by a dignified thinker. We can only partially interpret, andcannot decipher it at best. We do fill ourselves with a lot of deliberation and elegantly called it“pursuit”. But before the deliberate “pursuit”, so many beautiful things go far away casually,which is really self-inflicted, and has more losses than gains.

Little do they know a lot of classics are born in very simple mind, through “operation with nofetters”, expressing the “real me” and the meaningless original impulse produced by it. If themasters had a sense of mission that arose from their deep heart when they held the camera or thebrush, it’s no different than to put a heavy stone on his back. How could they complete the masterpiecethat they didn’t know themselves at that time? The surging emotions we learn todayfrom the great works are originated from the calm at the beginning of the creation, and the humanphilosophy we feel from them is what the most pure, and the most original overflow of theirmind.

Nowadays we, at least I, have entered a program: composition, perspective, hue ... everythingis controlled by a system which is called “aesthetic” in our subconscious. But from what time,authenticity of life has been already moving away from us. Accompanied by growing regret, wewatched the innocent slides, and we understood: this is not the intention of art.

Sophia Loren said in her biography that “the duty of an artist is to develop a touch of sadness”.The deeper we touch the arts, even worse was the state of mind, “to cut, it won’t sever; to beruled, it will never”. It cannot tell that is the sadness of the art or your own tragedy. I often preferlight blue expanse. Normally, people give blue the meaning of “light heart lives long”. But inEnglish, “blue” has the meaning of the blue color, and it also means “sadness”. Perhaps this isthe reason why I subconsciously and unconsciously slide into the blue field.

I admit this text is written too heavily. I hope it can cause a bit of thinking so it is worth the heaviness.

THE ROOM No.3, 1999, Silence Wish

About Mr. Silence Wish

In the millennium 2000, the old and authoritative Royal Photographic Society (RPS) commended that Mr. Silence Wish’s images “are very creative and help to breakdown any stereotypes we may have of Asian photography”.

Then, his image VISION No.1won the PSA gold medal and FIAP Honor ribbon at the same time.

After that, the United States International Copyright Office granted his 121 images Certificate in International Copyright.

In 2007 and 2008, his images entered the auction market.

From then on, he has kept silent for ten years, but he never stops art exploration. In this noisy world we cannot find his traces on popular search websites, but we can see his images’ auction records on professional art media.

Now he is rising like a phoenix from the ashes due to literature and philosophy’s soak into his life, baptism to his soul, ignition of his passion. No matter humanity torture or sexy romance, how deep, powerful and passionate they are!

Mr. Silence Wish is a pure man. He has fallen in love with film photography since 16 years old, and never changed his original intentionso far. His images are made of original film, with no later darkroom process, no Photoshop production. Lens skill is perfect, and photography language is strong and dignified.

At the same time, the platinum classical handicraft images made by Mr. Silence Wish use special material and they are unique and valuable, with rich connotations, powerful tension, and historical sense.

The handmade platinum image is old and expensive contact printing process. As long as the material is not destroyed, the image will never fade.

Platinum, chemical symbol Pt., is a very heavy, silvery-white precious metal, far more costly than gold.

----Encyclopedia Britannica

Platinum is known as white gold.

----Encyclopedia of China


A teacher, an editor, an art director etc.

1998  became the member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain

1999  one image was selected as part of the Groups 1999 print exhibition

sixcolour images were published on the centre spread of Creative News, the magazine of the RPS’s Creative Group, and were commended on the cover:

“The centre spread of 6 colour images come from group member SILENCE WISH from the People’s Republic of China. One image was selected as part of the Groups 1999 print exhibition but the whole panel is worthy of publication. I’m sure you will agree that these images are very creative and help to breakdown any stereotypes we may have of Asian photography.”

2000  VISION No.1won the gold medal of PSA and honorable mention of FIAP in an international photography exhibition in Holland

four photographs have been selected for ten times in the 9th Austrian in Super Circuit

2003  registered 121 photographers’ copyright in the United States Copyright Office, certificate code: VAu602-056, issue dateOCT: 01/2003

2007-2008  auctioned four photographs in Beijing

Published Articles

“Some Personal Experience In Taking Part In International Photographic

Exhibition”, People’s Photography, May 17, 2000

“Thoughts After Winning A Prize”, China Photo Press, May 23, 2000

“My Vision”(with both words and pictures), China Photo Press, June 6,


“Portraits: The Epitome Of Epoch”, China Photo Press, June 23, 2000

“The Digital Soul Of Berlin Wall”, China Photo Press, Dec. 19, 2000


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