City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2015-04-09~2015-04-21 Today Art Museum Wu Shaoxiang's Sculpture Show Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2015-04-18~2015-05-31 Spring Spaces of Art Fu Zhongwang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2015-04-25~2015-05-05 NAMOC Luo Erchun Art Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2015-04-18~2015-06-06 Pace Beijing David Hockney Solo Exhibition Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2015-06-13~2015-08-03 Redtory Markus Lüpertz Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2014-05-07~2014-05-14 NAMOC Fan Yang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2014-05-16~2014-05-27 NAMOC Solo Exhibition of Cao Xinlin Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2014-06-06~2014-07-06 Guangdong Museum of A... Paris-Beijing French Focus on China, 1844-201... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2014-05-05~2014-05-26 Today Art Museum Wang Tiande Solo Exhibition Passed
US-Philadelphia 2014-02-01~2014-02-28 Da Vinci Art Allianc... Natural Memory Spiritual Traveling Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-09-21~2013-09-28 NAMOC Behind the Easel by Dai Pingjun Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-09-30~2013-10-08 China National Art M... Chen Jinrong works show Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-09-05~2013-09-25 Today Art Museum Reflection of Time Art of Fashion In China19... Passed
Beijing -Beijing 2013-09-07~2013-11-15 CAFA Art Museum S... Social Sculpture-BEUYS In China Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-09-10~2013-09-18 National Art Museum o... DALIYABUYI—Chen Yaqiang Pohotography... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-09-14~2013-09-24 Today Art Museum Pending—Su Xinping Solo Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2013-07-27~2013-08-27 Museum of Contemporary... New Narrative Spirit Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-07-30~2013-08-01 Today Art Museum Men’s JOKER Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2013-07-30~2013-08-07 Guangdong Museum of A... Solo Exhibition of Lu Qingyuan Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-01-19~2013-02-28 Cocolan Gallery Group Exhibition: The Road of the Heart Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-01-12~2013-02-26 Space Station Bejeweled by Liu Guangguang Passed
Beijing -Beijing 2013-01-20~2013-03-10 SZ Art Center Zhong Jinpei Solo Exhibition & Peng Bo Solo... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2013-01-24~2013-02-07 O. Gallery Scattered Peace by PJ Lam Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2013-01-07~2013-03-07 M Art Center Group Exhibition: Creative M50 Awards 2012 Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-01-11~2013-01-16 Art Museum of Beijing... Monologue on My Way by Ma Lin Passed
Hong Kong-Hong Kong 2013-01-12~2013-02-25 am space Violence and Poetry by Zhang Huiming, Samson ... Passed
Singapore-Singapore 2013-01-18~2013-02-28 ShanghART Gallery (... Solo Exhibition: Gang Jianyi Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2013-01-18~2013-03-07 Minsheng Art Museum Repetition by Qiu Xiaofei Passed
Shanghai-Pudong 2013-01-11~2013-03-31 Shanghai Pudong Inter... On The Way Home - Shanghai Pudong Internati... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-01-06~2013-01-13 Wenda Gallery Group Exhibition: Project Sunshine - Crossing... Passed
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